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NFL News & Waivers | Week 3


Finishing NFL Week 3, it's patience or panic time on some big-name players. Action Network fantasy football and betting experts Dane Martinez and Samantha Previte are back to break down everything you need to know about fantasy football news, critical injuries and who to target on the waiver wire in this episode of Fantasy Flex. 

Which lesser-owned player has significant upsides for week 4 that you need on your squad? The crew dives into their favorite waiver targets at each skill position and why you might consider picking them up.

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The most valuable commodity I know of his information. Wouldn't you agree to a five dollars this road left one man? All right, you're saying humans need fantasy to make life bearable. Humans need fantasy to be human. My goodness, that was good. You guys are prone, best, relentless, refusing to give up. I hit that hornless. What's going on? Everybody? Welcome to another edition of the Fantasy Flex podcast right here on the Action Network. Dame Martinez and Samantha Pravidi looking back at Week three and getting you ready for the waiver wire and all the moves you need to make to continue your windstreak going in to week four of the Fantasy season. Samantha, I gotta say, you know, in the first few weeks of the season, all we hear about is overreaction and stuff right, and how bounce backer is gonna happen with some players. But the question really is how long do you wait on some of these guys. So what we're gonna do is play a little game, and we're gonna call it patients or panic. I want to see kind of is it deathcom five or not much to worry about with some of these guys positioned by position. This is no time to panic. This is the perfect of panic. The first guy I want to ask you about was the first round pick everywhere, and that's Austin Ekeler, the running back out of Los Angeles Chargers. Now we know the Chargers have been banged up a lot, okay, whether it's Herbert, whether it's the offensive line, whether it's the defense. But people expected, especially in PPR leagues, for Austin Ekeler to return RB one numbers, and that's not necessarily the case. So with Eckler, Samantha, is it uh panic time yet or should we exercise patients? It's a little bit of panics time, I would say, because he has eighty rushing yards through three games. Definitely not what you want to see. I mean, he has not even broken the double digit point mark in standard score right now, so it is not great. Um. I know that the Chargers are dealing with a whole bunch of things. They just lost their left tackle. They mean, Justin Herbert has been really banged up. I don't a side note, don't even understand why he was out there that long in that game. One point, It's like, Okay, today's not our day. Let's rest up and maybe not get another shot that could you know, puncture your god. Yeah, I mean the Jaguars pulled Trevor Lawrence before the Chargers pulled Justin Herbert, Like, I don't know what that's about, but I mean, certainly that is a huge downgrade I think, like overall to the whole Charger's offense. I mean they put him out there that I thought that that meant that that was like he would be fine. He didn't look fine, and everyone kind of struggled on that team. So I'm I'm panicking a little bit. I do have Actler on one team, but like you can't say him right now, so I I think right now...

...he's he's being downgraded into the r B two cheer, which is a significant downgrade considering he was like top three in most drafts. You could have Archid top two in a PPR draft, so especially in PPR right, Like, I mean, he had a ton of receptions and is utilized in that offense. The one other reason I'll say, Samantha that I'm also exercising patients here is because I expect Keenan Allen to return in this offense, and I think that will be a big deal here, just in terms of where the defense has to put their attention and kind of opening up the field. I also don't necessarily expect the Chargers to be in the same kind of games they have been in. You meant it, what is he downgraded to an RB two? If you drafted off the Heckler, you still have to start Austin Ekeler a freaking o. You are freaking out man. And however, I don't know if that's the case with the next guy. I'm gonna ask you when we're talking patients or panic. And that's why receiver of the Chicago Bears, Darnell Mooney, Now, a lot of people thought that he was like a sexy name to kind of ascend to be Bears wide out one. But I asked you, what kind of production do you think you were going to get from the Bears wide out one in the first place? And this offense is looking piss poor in the monsoon, you know, barely moving it against the Houston Texans. If you drafted Mooney, is he still even starting caliber? Are you exercising patients or is it time to panic on Darnell Mooney? It is actually full panic time for Darnell Mooney. I would say, I actually just write a Twitter poll last week and that's you know, only two weeks into the season, and I would asking people who they were panicking about the most, and you know, you to take something into consideration, like, for instance, you dropped more draft capital and Kyle Pitts for instance, or Austin Ackler to your point, than a guy like Darnell Mooney. But still like no one has any faith in Darnell Mooney. And the thing is that we've seen this movie before. Alan Robinson was the wide receiver one in this Bears offense last year and he was absolutely terrible. So the facts that I mean, I I I understand the logic, like you want to have a wider's everyone even if it's not a bad offense. But this is maybe like extra bad. And I like that saying that you said last week, what was it like you ran to have a small slice of the pie than a big slice of the true Give me the slice of a watermelon instead of half of a grape. And to be quite honest, Samantha, that I feel that way about the Austin Ekeler. It's all good because I believe in the Chargers offense in general. Meanwhile, this Bears offense is really one of the worst in the league. So I am jumping ship not only on Mooney, but on a guy like cold Commit as well. And even in two quarterback leagues, you know, Justin Fields can only do so much with his legs to actually make it really kind of profitable for your fantasy team. Well, I gotta tell you something, though, Samantha. Another offense that I don't know if I want any piece of right now. I thought I might have going into the sea and is Russell Wilson and the Broncos let's ride, But...

...they are not riding pretty much at all. It honestly looks like Nathaniel Hackett can't hack it. It looks like they can't figure out this offense. I don't know if you saw on something I football. They kept on making the point that when Aaron Rodgers started in this brand new offense it was slow for him as well. But I think Chris Collins word said, like two m v p s later, it's all good, and that they expect the same from Russell Wilson. Now, I love the weapons, I love Sutton, I love Judy I love Javonte, but what's your level of concern when it comes to danger Russ. I am very concerned. I had a tweak of viral last night. What was Russ cooking? I had the Nightfall Chicken, So so yeah, I am pretty concerned. I mean, you don't have to be a football expert to watch that game last night and just be like, what in the world is going on with both of these teams? To be honest, I mean, it was just like and in the in the end, it was like the safety Mr Jimmy Garoppolo two steps exactly that ended up being the difference in the game. Like that's how bad this game was. So it uh yeah, I mean I'm definitely panicking because I, like a lot of people was, I was pretty high on the Broncos. I was pretty high on Russ. I thought, this old line can't be worse than seattles that he's been dealing with. And he's got great weapons, and he had good weapons in Seattle to be fair, but he has great weapons kind of all around. I had question marks about the coaching staff, and it seems to be like that that could be a major pain point this whole season, Like it's like they're allergic to the red zone or something or and then it's just like how much did they pay for Russ to go three and out? Like how many times? I mean it was just punt, punt, punt, punch, punt again and again. So it's if they can't get anything going. I mean, there's like flashes of it, like that's final one dry where Russ started to use his eggs. You started to see flashes of that vintage Russ. And that's the thing that all of his best plays that you think of are like the ones where he's like scrambling and like he's like twenty yards out of the pocket and then he throws like some crazy uh like hill Mary touchdown that makes no sense to anyone. But right now I am panicking and piannacking a lot on the entire offense. So I hope that this is just growing pains, but there's a good chance that this could be a whole season of growing pains. Yeah, And you know, in my heart, I want to exercise patients, right because we know who Russell Wilson is. An m v P caliber quarterback. We talked about the weapons he has around them, but I just don't know if it's like a fit with this new nahacking kind of offense. I would exercise some patients. I wouldn't drop them. Let's put it this way. I wouldn't drop Russell Wilson. I would, however, look to some other guys that are having fast starts to maybe even start over him. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think i'd start Jared Gott over Russell Wilson these days. And again...'s because of the kind of success of the offense overall, at least at this early part of the season. Well now here on Fantasy Flexo, Samantha, we always do it. Let's take a stock of what injuries happened over the last week and kind of where we go from here. What's a big deal, and what the natural pivots are. And it seems like every single week we've got a starting quarterback that goes down. This time it's Mac Jones in the New England Patriots. Very late in that game, you saw him hobbled, needing help to get off the field, needing help to get into the locker room. They're saying they think it's a high ankle sprain which carries like a four to six week timeline, and so enter Brian Hoyer, of all people, What does this mean for the Patriots skill position players that you do have rostered? Right? Maybe you do have a Davante Parker and Nelson Aghaloor or more importantly, one of these running backs Harris or Stevenson. What happens with the Patriots offense? For fantasy part this is now, Yeah, it wasn't an offense that a lot of people had a ton of shares in to start with. Like I thought that the running backs had some appeal, even though you know there's always that element of Bill Belichick and his running backs are just unpredictable. Now for the pass catchers, like I, Mac Jones doesn't offer like a ton of upside like some other quarterbacks. So it was always kind of like the best they were gonna do is kind of like a wide receiver three. And you know, Davante Parker is coming off of this awesome game, but that was in part due to Jacoby Myers missing game as well. So there's there's a lot of guys on that roster, not a ton of them that are like standouts, though you know, they've got Johnny They've got Hunter Henry, They've got Nelson agholor Devonte Parker. I don't know which one you even want in a perfect like with Mac Jones healthy now with Mac Jones not healthy, I think that there's not one that I would feel comfortable starting as a pass catcher now. Uh. I think Damian Harris like that could hurt him a little bit for her. I mean, they may need to end up leaning more on the run game, but he's already got a pretty hefty workload, so I don't know how much they can lean on him. Got much more like I mean, Romandro Stevenson could see a little bit more like short yardage work, just because that could be what all that Brian employer is capable of at this point. I mean, we could see some Bailey Zappy at this point. I don't know. Uh, please, I was fading all preseason. I was fading Zappy as soon as he got into games for the Patriots. I was betting against them live to great success. I'm a ad, Samantha. I'm with you here. I'm actually concerned for the shares of Damien Harris that I do have. And here's why. As they moved to Brian Hoyer, They're in lambeau Field next week, okay against green Bay, And if I'm the green Bay defensive coordinator, now I'm putting everybody in the box like job one, two, three, four, and five is stop the run game, you know what I mean. I understand Mac Jones wasn't kind of a dynamic arm, but he was functional. You know. He took what was given to him. And now I'm forcing...

Brian Hoyer to try to beat me over the top, you know, and I'm saying it's not gonna be Damian Harris. So I actually wouldn't mind downgrading Harris and Stevenson just because of all the attention that might get paid to the Patriots run game. Speaking of run games, Samantha, we had no shortage of running back injuries, and I'm talking important ones. Okay, guys that are starting, not like Mac Jones in your QB two necessarily, but I'm talking Dalvin Cook of the Minnesota Vikings got banged out of that game with a shoulder injury, and they gotta fly across the pond and go to London next week. I'm talking about DeAndre Swift on the surprisingly potent Lions offense, along with David Montgomery. I know we said the Bears offense doesn't look good, but Monty was probably an RB two on most rosters. So, out of these three injuries that we heard coming out of week three, like, which is the most concerning for you and what do we do in response? Sure, I think at this point, based on the early prognoses, is DeAndre Swift the shoulder injury. So that just came out kind of like right before we hopped on here that Dan Campbell said he could miss multiple weeks, and I don't think any of us really thought that the injury was that serious. So while whereas Dalvin Cook and David Montgomery are kind of listed his day to day right now. So to your point, though, with Dalvin Cook, there's a good chance that they're not going to have him fly across, you know, across the pond, uh dealing with this injury. They might give him the extra week to sort of get better. And he is an expensive running back to have, so it's it's like it's like why would they Why would they do that to their investment? Um, So I think like for this week, all three of those guys are in jeopardy of missing the game. The only reason that I say DeAndre Swift is more concerning is one because he's probably been the best of those three and two because it looks like he could miss multiple weeks versus just one week. Yeah. Absolutely, And to be quite honest, what's interesting with both Swift and Cook, I would say that they're back ups their handcuffs, if you will. Alexander Madison and Jamal Williams are probably a rosters already. You know, those are are high end handcuffs that probably did get drafted. So if you're down Cook, if you're down Swift, you may have to think about not only the waiver wire, but the trade market going into week four. I'll also let people know Trent Williams in San Francisco Rashaan Slater with the Chargers. These are two like Pro Bowl caliber offensive lineman that got banged up. We've been talking about the Chargers offense and the Niners offense. Big time implications when those you know, offensive linemen go down as well. But I mean you can see it in the game like you see it in the game on Sunday night after Trent Williams went out, I mean that offensive line felt like it totally fell apart. So It's not like I think the Broncos had this amazing pass rush. So it certainly will affect the forty Niners. It's gonna give him less, it's gonna give Jimmy g last time in the pocket to make decisions. So, I mean, I they're already dealing with some things, and that was just another...

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And Wentz? Carson Wentz out a Carson Wentz game and he disappointed. So Marcus Mariota is definitely an option out there for people who are struggling at the position. I don't love necessarily the next three games he plays the Browns, Bucks, and forty Niners, so that's just something to consider, but I do like his rushing potential there. Um, Jared Goff from the Lions. I mean, he came back down to earth a little bit in that game. Who's heartbreaker? Honestly for any of us who watched Hard Knocks, Like I feel for the Lions and I kind of want them to succeed. He is currently the QB eight team going to Monday Night. I mean, you got to expect his fantasy production to be a little bit erratic. He's like in that same scene as Carson Wentz and Jameis Winston maybe like because you know, like they're guys that we didn't expect to be QB ones and they will have QB one weeks, but they will also have weeks that are not that great, so he gets a good bounce back opportunity against the Seahawks this week. They've allowed twenty seven points in each of their last two games, so I think that that could be a nice uh add. And then finally, I would saved Zack Wilson. All science point to Wilson being cleared for Week four. He could be in a really interesting atti. He's not already rostered in two quarterback or super flax leagues. Um. I mean, his rookie campaign was nothing to write home about, but look, they made some major improvements on the weapons side. They got first round picked Garrett Wilson's second round pick Breese Hall, and former Vikings tunan Tyler Conklin, who has looked really good through a few games. So I think that that should boost his fantasy value. Give him a little bit more of a security blanket, so hopefully he will be a solid QB two moving forward. Now, I like the Jack Wilson call to be quiet honest. You know, people are all over Garrett Wilson. People going into this season thought that Elijah Moore was going to have a big time pop off season. You mentioned Conklin, obviously Corey Davis is one of So if you like the weapons right, I call it the fantasy herd. Samantha, I don't know if I've ever used this term with you. Some some teams are a fantasy herd where you never know on any given week which of the receive verse is going to have a good game. And in those situations, you don't take the herd. You take the shepherd, the quarterback of that group. And I think Zach Wilson, especially in some negative game script games, people always expect the Jets to be down. Could get you some garbage time production. To be sure, let's look at the running back position, Samantha. I mean we talked about the Dalvin Cook injury, the DeAndre Swift injury, the Montgomery injury. Where are you going to pivot if you lost one of these guys or if you know you've had Austin Ekeler that we're having a panic about. Sure, as I mentioned, it is a lean week for running backs on the waiver wire. I use the fifty percent threshold on Yahoo, and I will say that Madison is just above that freshold, so he's worth looking like it. Just check. But in most sharp leagues. I'm gonna say he's probably rostered. Uh So, to your point, that's unfortunate. Um, you can't mean you're like, that's unfortunate if you're too bad, Williams, You're right, it's unfortunate. But we gonna do Yeah. I mean, so you gotta look elsewhere.

Khalil Herbert is someone that's also highly roster. He just makes the rostered. He was near perfect David Montgomery and exited the game in the first quarter with that ankle injury. He's at twenty carries for a hundred and fifty seventy yards two touchdowns. I mean, he was the only offense that the Bears could get going in that entire game. Uh so. I mean he was a popular waiver ad after Week one, kind of fell off the radar last week, so I think he could have been dropped in some leagues. If he's out there, I say he's worth a premium bid for those people in fab waiver systems or if you know, if you have happened to have the top pick on waivers this week, please go get him. He is definitely worth it because I think he has value way beyond just being David Montgomery's insurance policy, because what I've seen from him, he looks really good. I think that he will carve out a role in this offense whether or not Montgomery's on the field. And I think that Montgomery that way, he runs all of out like he's dealing with injuries already, he could expose himself to more injuries. That's just the nature of the running back positions. So I think he is definitely worth a roster spot, all right, fair enough, I don't know, Samantha. I am remember, like we said at the top of the show, I am hesitant to take any Bears onto my team at this point. But you're right, Herbert, certainly eight last week, and maybe as time goes on he gets more. Even until a little bit of a split with Montgomery. He also seems to be kind of the receiving back of the two, and so if the Bears are down in games like I expect them to be, he might be the guy on the field just as much as David Montgomery. Let's go to some of the wide receivers here. Now. Last week, I know we talked about like all of these Packers were out, all of the Buccaneers were out, and you and I both thought that Russell Gauge was going to be that guy he gets a touchdown, he had like eleven catches or something. I hit you up separately, being like I'm starting him over other players and it worked. I know you were excited to see Russell Gauge actually do it as well. Yet he is still under roster. Here's what I want to ask you about him and some others. Now, is this really sustainable? You know in tail you're gonna have Julio and God when come back. Mike Evans will be off suspension. In other places, like I know you have a Cardinals wide out on it, like we're gonna see DeAndre Hopkins back in a few weeks. So how do you balance that anneral with a guy who's having a great week but could only be like a one week wonder based on other people returning to the lineup. Look, I don't know if it's just me, but a lot of times I'm owned looking in the short term, especially if I'm in this situation where I need to stream a position. A lot of times I'm just playing the matchups, or I only need a guy for a couple of weeks because someone's out this week. Or whatever it is. So, I mean, the thing is with Russell Gage, he's a guy that I think for seasons no one has ever really given him credit for what he's done as kind of like the...

...third receiver on a team. But he's kind of like in that Tim Patrick group, where like he's just steady and he produces when he's given the opportunities. He's just not like the sexiest name. Now to your point, yes, Mike Evans will be coming back from suspension, but there's a number of injuries on the Bucks that includes Julio Jones and Chris Godwin. Uh, they could be banged up all season, Like we may not see those two concurrently on the field again for the whole season. Like it just it just feels like, I mean, we saw Chris Godwin for like five minutes and he's gone, Like maybe he came back from that injury too fast, because I did read that there is a correlation between guys coming back from a c L injuries and dealing then with hamstring injuries, So this could be something that's like an ongoing type thing that Julio Jones is always hurt, So like that's that's just that's just like you know, Russell Gage is the guy that I think is worth rostering because I don't know that Brady will ever have his full compliment of Sievers there. So he caught twelve of thirteen targets, eighty seven yards and a touchdown. I mean there were other receivers in the mix, Cole Beasley, I mean they pulled him out of wherever, but but Gage was the guy, so I like him. Um, I don't expect him to see thirteen targets moving forward, but he was involved the week the week before when Evans was on the field, so I think that he could easily grabbed that number two spot until God when returns. He is a wide receivers reflex, especially with the Chiefs Falcons in Tampa Bay on deck. Um. Moving on to the Packers, the same kind of situation. I mean, we saw Christian Watson and Sandy Watkins sit out, which, by the way, Sandy Watkins coming in for like one good game and then leaving like having an It's so Sammy Watkins, like like it almost takes a fantasy manager to know that, or maybe a Packers fan, but like that is just what he does. So I mean Christian Watson, I don't know that that will be a long term thing. But Dodds is the guy that we were really hyping up right like during the free the preseason. He hadn't necessarily laved up to that hype yet, but he had an amazing game in a week three. And the thing is he's a rookie, Like I don't know if like people get very impatient. I feel like, especially with rookies, Like there were people asking me should I drop Damian Pierce after after like week one? That was these are real questions and like the same thing, like I saw dobs get dropped in a lot of leagues just because people were like, oh, maybe he was just a preseason then on that I you know, I don't, I don't need him, But it's like I like this chemistry that seems to be brewing behind him and Aaron Rodgers. They have technically a wide receiver one and Alan Wizard, but he's not He's at Davonte Adams. It's the point. So I think that like if Dobbs could end up being the two, like it's not a two on a normal team, like he he could end up really getting the same number of targets as Lazard, and having serious upside on that team. I mean, he gets the Patriots Giants in Jets..., so it's a good, uh next few games for him. So like those two guys, for instance, like I don't think they're necessarily one hit wonders. Okay, fair enough, listen. I mean Russell Gauge, you're right, has kind of been that under the radar third wide receiver. Back when he was with the Falcons. It was the same way. And you know, if at the beginning of the season I told you you could have the second leading receiver on the Green Bay Aaron Rodgers pass offense, you take it right. So it's just about trying to identify who that guy might be, whether it's Watson, whether it's Dubs, whether it's Ramble Cobb for goodness sakes, or my guy Robert chopping Tonyans out of the tight end position. But speaking of tight ends, Okay, Dalton Schultz probably down for Dallas. We've talked about others that are kind of we're panicking about Cole Commet among them in that Bears offense. So if you do need to pivot. You mentioned Tyler Conklin, who has literally been a dependable part of the passing game in New York. Yeah, I'm not sure that I would have thought that they would be dependable Jets pass catchers at this stage, But here we are because there are actually a number of guys that I'm interested in. Carrett Wilson had a little bit of an off the game. I will say he took a really hard I mean, that's that's not necessarily fair to him. But Tyler Conklin a guy that has quietly been having a very nice fantasy season, especially in light of the volatility at the position, Like you got to understand to be consistent in the position, that's a very big deal. So he has the tight end four and half PPR through three games, behind only Mark Andrews, Travis Kelsey, and Zac Arts. That has been pretty good company to be in, especially to be like, you know, catching passes from Joe Flacco. He didn't find the end zone in Week three, but he was targeted heavily, caught eight of eight targets for eighty four yards. Like which tight ends out there are getting targeted eight times a game. That is what he's averaging right now from three games. Uh so the target chair has been really impressive. I expect that to continue with Zack Wilson taking over, because I feel like Wilson falls into that category of being kind of on the inexperienced end of things, and Tyler Conklin seems like a nice security blanket and clearly he's an attractive red sune target, So I like him, especially if you are leaning at the position. He's a great streaming option right now. Rostered. As far as other guys, Logan Thomas, he's a guy that I've been pumping up. He did have a not great game. I will say the entire Washington offense had not a great game. Like they were scoreless until a fourth quarter safety, So that's how bad things were for Carson Wentz in company. Um that said, I think that Logan Thomas will bounce back, and personally Wentz will bounce back. That's just the reality is that there are going to be games that are not great. But Thomas was the tight end one last season or per game basis, so I like him to come back onto the stream is streaming Radar once again. Um And then the last time I'm gonna talk about is Gelanni Boods. He is actually he was actually... of my favorite deep sleepers I wrote about him in the preseason. Um, okay, this guy is an absolute unit third rounder from Virginia. He is six seven two d and fifty nine pounds. Like, could we get him to go play left cackle as well or something like that. I mean, he's like he is Martelis then it basically reincarnated and scouts saying, you know, he has good blocking skills, good hands, all of that seems evident on Sunday. I mean in his not to mention that his first two NFL catches were touchdowns, so uh, he really really wowed me on Sunday. I think that he has the talent an opportunity to take over that position from mo Alei Cox, who's just been like kind of floating around exactly. So I think that he should be on your fantasy radar, especially in deep leagues and in keeper leagues. But I think, like anyone should just keep the skuy in the radar because he's talented. Yeah, fair enough with Conklin, you know, that would have been my question as the Jets moved to Zack Wilson, it had kind of still be that security blanket, as you mentioned, Where does Zach Wilson try to like let it rip a little bit more in this Jets offense instead of being conservative like the veteran Joe Flacco. Logan Thomas don't see him. I don't know. I don't even know if I want to see Zach Wilson let it rip. But you know, he's like that gun slinger mentality, you know. So we'll see if he is heavily targeted now that they moved to Zach Wilson. I hope so, because I do think and you know, I am a Jets fan and I saw even in the preseason Tyler Conklin being involved in the offense. And honestly, when they signed c j Uzoma in the off season, when they drafted Rutgert out of Ohio State with their third round pick and signed Tyler Conklin, I was like, wait, how are they gonna, you know, have it go around for all three of these guys, But it looks like Conklin is the one that has emerged to be the kind of number one Jets tight end. Logan Thomas is a guy I have always been on. You mentioned kind of his points per game, as long as he stays healthy. That's been the hardest thing for Logan thom is staying healthy, and now there's something of a herd in Washington as well. I mean we've talked Dotson, We've talked Samuel I. I, you know, get lucky because one path of fifty yards that Terry McLaren every day saves my fantasy week when it comes to him. And now logan Thomas in the mix as well, well, that'll do it for a fantasy flex. I mean we talked tight ends, we talked running backs, we talked white outs and quarterbacks. I mean, Samantha, are you getting into the flow of the season. How are you doing in your leagues? And do you think that you know? I mean, are we just are we? Are we being confident overall? Are we panicking or exerting patients overall? Because I get questions left and right, like you said ridiculous things, and I keep telling people it's only been three weeks. Calm down. Even if you're oh and three, even if you're one in two, you can still make the playoffs. Right. I will say, this isn't a flattering story for me, But when I first started playing fantasy, I went oh in five to start the season. Now that's terrible, to... clear, though, I actually had a very good team. It was just like a number of like very very close matchups or like something would go wrong. So I just believed in this team and I just kept thrilling it out there. I made some trades. I was diligent on the waiver wire. I mean, the waiver wire is so important. I heard someone on Twitter say something like, if you have a good team, you don't need the waiver wire, and I'm like, oh yeah, I just just sell. Let's all like the Tree Lance managers. Because of the NFL, are there not injuries and by weeks to consider even if you did nail the draft. That's why you gotta listen to the Fantasy Flex Podcast, Samantha, because you're right, the waiver wire absolutely matters, and we can take you from one and two. Maybe in a month or two you'll be seven and three. And remember, if you have a question, hit Samantha up. We've got the mail bag going on. We will check those out and answer some of the best ones on the show. Moving forward. Well, good luck to your team's Samantha for Week four, and we'll do it again next week here on the Fantasy Flex Podcast. Trying to make sure people leave no waiver wire guy left unturned,.

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